Friday, December 12, 2014

Product Review: Daiso's Menthol Scalp Conditioner for Men

so, from my last post, i've told you guys that i've just dyed my hair
and this time, i used hydrogen peroxide that got my hair kinda dry...
it gets all tangled when i wash my hair and has a rough and coarse texture to it when wet and clean (after i shampoo my hair)
so, normally, i would not use conditioner but because of all the coarse texture that i'm so not used to, i decided to get myself a bottle of conditioner

i was in Daiso to get a lamp shade and decided to walk around and found myself a bottle of Daiso's Menthol Scalp Conditioner
I have to say, i was a bit skeptical but hey, Daiso is from Japan and these Japanese take their beauty products really seriously
taking a leap of faith, i decided to purchase the Scalp Conditioner
it's a plus cos it's written 'for Men' (hmmmm....)

went home, washed my hair and tried out the conditioner
as i applied and massaged my hair with the conditioner, the fragrant menthol smell fills my nostrils...
however, i did not feel the tingling sensation that i expect on my head but i felt it in my eyes...
hmmm... is it weird that the smell alone can give that light tingling sensation to your eyes?
i was not too bothered by it and washed the conditioner off, and lo and behold, the tingling sensation that i desire is there...
i was almost in ecstasy...(not really but yeah)
it was great...

my stylist once told me that it's good to wash or massage my hair with menthol hair products cos it will unclog and clean those follicles that are filled and probably clogged with sweat and dust residue...

after drying my hair, it did feel soft and light and i could run my fingers through my hair, so, it does what a conditioner suppose to do (at least that's what i feel conditioners are supposed to do)

the product is white in color with the texture you would expect from a conventional hair conditioner

so, overall, i give it a 5/5 for a fulfilling product at a good price (everything in Daiso is RM5, duh... well, except for premium items, but well, this is RM5) (though i don't know how much a bottle of conditioner cost)

while we're at it, let me also show you the new lamp shade i got for my wall lamp